Anxiety and stress treatment

Facing our fears.

Have you ever felt like you are constantly dangling over the edge? That you are worried about everything or nothing all at once? Or that you are too afraid to go to sleep because you dread what the day might bring? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you are all too familiar with the concept of anxiety. It might surprise you, but anxiety is quite a normal part of the human experience. We tend to feel anxious and experience stress when faced with specific situations (situational anxiety), in anticipation of certain events (anticipatory anxiety) or occasionally out of the blue (free-floating anxiety). As with all other mental health conditions, anxiety and stress only becomes the focus of intervention when it interferes with our daily living, e.g. prevent us from leaving the house, doing our jobs, maintaining healthy relationships, and etcetera.

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Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

Most of us deal with anxiety and stress by avoiding the source of our discomfort. We tend to avoid specific situations, people, or places (physical avoidance) or we try not think about whatever is troubling our minds (cognitive avoidance). Unfortunately, this is not a very effective way of dealing with anxiety in the long-run. Thus, the aim in therapy is to eliminate avoidance behaviours to cut to the root cause of our anxieties. Special attention is given to relaxation exercises (e.g. breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation exercises, and visualizations) and managing our thoughts in relation to anxiety-inducing situations.