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A warm welcome to you the visitor! I am a USA trained clinical psychologist based in the heart of picturesque Stellenbosch.

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My clinical experience include internships at the Vermont Veterans’ Home in Bennington, Vermont (USA), the WAIT House Homeless Youth Shelter in Glens Falls, New York, and Lentegeur Psychiatric Hospital in the Western Cape.

After completing my community service with Tshwane District Health (2012), I worked for the Gauteng Department of Health for four years before entering in to private practice.


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We understand the heartache coupled with a traumatic experience that influences our well-being.

Anxiety and Stress

Have you ever felt like you are constantly dangling over the edge? That you are worried about everything or nothing all at once?

Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is one of those terms often used in conversation, but we never really stop to reflect on its meaning.


Most teens will tell you that they know of at least one classmate who cuts. For most it is not an attempt to commit suicide.
Elbert De Wit

In Numbers

The primary objective is to assist you in becoming your own ‘therapist’ over time.

The number of people suffering from depression worldwide.
The average waiting period before seeking treatment.
The number of South Africans suffering from a mental health condition.
Annual loss to the South African economy due to mental health conditions.
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